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Dance Ballets
    • Through this production, Chandan Thakore describes the love of the citizens for the rich India and conveys the fruitfulness of India in various facets. In the whole creation the earth has a place of distinction unlike any other planet with a cycic entity as its centre. In it, India in particular is a divinely chosen country wherein citizens adore her, worship her as a mother. He has described India with the eternal land, the eternal people, the eternal religion who strinks greatness, holiness may be overcrowded but never ever for a moment utterly cease. But above this, the important function of India is emphasized that is to restore the youth of mankind and assure it of immortality, which floods the earth and the heaven and the mankind bales in it. Also, India has always been destined to be a guardian, exemplar and missionary, a great principle of human evolution and a body of true spiritual knowledge and experience. By following the divine will, India shall shine on the top of the spiritual mountain and show the way of truth and organize world unity.
    • In this dance ballet, a part of Ramayana is described. It is when Sitaji, the daughter of King Janaka was abandoned by Shri Ram, Rishi Valmiki takes Sitaji to his Ashram where Sitaji gives birth to two sons Luv and Kush. On one side they were growing up and acquiring knowledge from Rishi Valmiki and on the other side Shri Ram initializes a ceremonial performance from where one of the horses reaches Rishi Valmiki’s Ashram. On seeing theunknown horse, Luv-Kush ties the horse and defeats everyone in the battle for relieving the horse. At last Shri Ram arrives where with the help of Hanuman, Shri Ram and Sitaji once again meets and becomes one.
    • Motivated by the monsoon season, Chandan Thakore directed and choreographed the dance ballet on the widely and across the world acclaimed poem “MEGHDUTAM” of Great Kaalidaas wherein the love and separation, has been captured through Shrungar raasas. In this dance ballet the message conveyed to the cloud messenger to reach to his beloved is been so vividly and delicately described, that it has occupied the indisputable and unshakable foothold in the hearts of each and every lover of art and literature on the Indian soil.
    • Chandan Thakore, in this Dance Ballet “Shiv Nrutyanjali” has tried to portray the fact that the up soaring spirit of man is “SHIVA”. In the beginning the appearance of Somnath Jyotirling has been described through the incident of Chandra-Rohini, following it the destruction of the sacrifice ceremonial of King Dax by Lord Shiva is described, after which Parvati took re-birth. Then after, the Cremation of Kamdev by Lord Shiva followed by the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and their Marriage Ceremony is portrayed. Succeeding it, Shiv Prayer and at last the Taandav of Lord Shiva - the one who dances terribly in the form of Anand Tandav and Urdhva Tandav is depicted.
    • Herein Chandan Thakore has beautifully portrayed various important incidents starting from the birth of the Dark Lord Shri Krishna and his childhood days namely His Birth Celebration, Raslila, breaking of the Curd-pots, Naagdaman, the arrival of His childhood friend Sudama at His Palace and their conversations. Following it, Geetoupdesh which was delivered by Shri Krishna to Arjun at the battle field of Kurukshetra, the curse given to Yaadavas in Dwarika, the injury caused by the hunter named Jara due to the misunderstanding of considering Shri Krishna as a deer and at the end the four handed form of Lord Krishna who started the journey to His own dwelling place is beautifully depicted.
    • Geeta Gobindam, the love song of the Dark Lord depicting the Krishna’s courtship of the cowherdess Radha is a rare form of dance ballet in Bharatnatyam Style set to Odissi Music by Chandan Thakore which is the immortal work by the 12th century saint poet Jayadev of Orissa.
    • The Divine Mother of the Universe “Mother Jagdamba” meaning “Lord Shiva” meaning “Mother Durga” symbolizes the Divine strength or power of the Universe. From a long passage of time the inclination of Demons had been attacking the holy and pious thoughts. So, inorder to destroy this inclination, “Mother Jagdamba”- the Goddess of Strength and Power took Nine different incarnations of which we have described the First Incarnation of Mother Jagdamba -Shailputri, who was the daughter of King Dax named Sati in Her previous birth and after the destruction of the sacrifice ceremonial of King Dax by Lord Shiva, she took re-birth as Parvati.
    • This production is a unique choreography of Chandan Thakore based on Herman Hesse’s famous book Siddhartha. This is a dance interpretation of Siddharta’s life, from the time he leaves his father’s ashram in search of bliss - to the time he goes astray - to the time he finds total peace in the sounds of a river.
    • Based on incidents of Ramayana, an experimental Bharatnatyam Ballet on veteran Gujarati Composer, Ninu Majmudar’s famous music composition , which is an amalgamation of regional semi classical music. It is an attempt to make dance and music form prominent among Indian audience.


    • This production is very nearest to Chandan Thakore’s heart because he composed it to dedicate his journey in the field of dance to his students i.e. NAARI’S. On the other side he felt that always Naari’s have been brought into limelight for the wicked behavior done on them. So his thought that the other side that is her beautiful qualities and sentiments should be brought into limelight which is immeasurable gave birth to this beautiful production wherein Naaris-the students themselves are beautifully portraying their inner characteristics through the words and waves of Chandan Thakore for Naari in a very rapid way.
    • Chandan Thakore did a project of Indo-Spanish Fusion in Dance and Music recently. In order to outlay his unique creative abilities, he did outstanding choreography of one of the traditional dance recital in Bharatnatyam style with the Spanish Flamenco Dance and this duo choreographed won tremendous applause from those present. For the same, he worked with the renowned Flamenco Dancer and Actress Monica De La Fuente from Spain. Chandan not only remaining confined to Dance Fusion also worked for the fusion of classical music.

      He also did Fusion of Bharatnatyam style with Flamenco style on the title “Panchmahabhutam”- based on the five elements namely Earth, Water, Air, Space and Fire. In all Chandan created magic and truly made the entire fusion reckoning for.
    • Combining modern contemporary music with Bharatnatyam, two magnificent compositions namely “Beauty of Nature” and “The Other Rhythm” portray nature and life through the classical beats.