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Festivals and Workshops
International Abridgment
    • Nrityabharti hosts three days mega event "THE NATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL" every year in February since 2000, which is the brainchild but an arduous attempt of Chandan Thakore to bring the art of renowned artiste and Legends not only in Bharatnatyam, but of various classical dances from all over the country in front of the culture lovers of Ahmedabad and also to provide platform to the New Dancers thriving to mark their niche in any form of dance.
    •  At the confront of this festival till now many Legends & renowned institutions namely Padmashri Smt. Sobha Naidu (Hyderabad), Padmashri Smt. Chitra Visweswaran (Chennai), Smt. Asha Joglekar (Mumbai), Shri B. Bhanumati (Bangalore), Odissi Research Centre (Bhubaneswar), Smt. Uma Dogra (New Delhi), Shri Sharmila Biswas (Kolkata), Shri Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma (Andhra Pradesh), Sri Durga Charan Ranbir (Bhubaneswar), Shri Puru Dhadeech (Indore), Smt. Vinitha Nedungadi (Kerala), Smt. Aruna Mohanty (Bhubaneswar) and many more have focused their artistic dance talents.
    • Also, the motto behind this festival is to give motivation to prevent our rich art and culture in this stage-scarce society by conducting such dance festivals in various regions and thereby interchanging the art of various classical dances and to exhibit strong faith in the young artistes of today thereby conserving and promoting our rich tradition of classical dance.
    • It is the event under which the new productions of Chandan Thakore are launched every year through the Nrityabharti Performing Group, which is the foundation laid by Chandan Thakore who have given National and International performances under the direction and tutelage of Chandan Thakore.
      • Every year Nrityabharti arranges "Annual Function" in February for the students of Nrityabharti who are in the basic learning period in order to built their self-confidence and disclose their art in front of their family members.
      • Nrityabharti celebrates "Rangpravesham Mahotsav" every year in May-June, to give platform to the young budding artists who have completed the basic learning period in Bharatnatyam known as Margam, thereby raising the floor for the freshly bloomed students of Nrityabharti to give a commendable performance in front of the public.
      • Inorder to bring out the creativity, imaginations of the students to surface and conserve our rich heritage, Nrityabharti hosts the Experimental Show-"Junior Aaj Ke Kalakar" in January for the students of Nrityabharti.
      • It is an act to give a platform to a very young breed of dancers, who are just stepping their initial footsteps in the world of dance, while the dancers who are to conduct the workshop and choreograph the dance items are not renowned famous dancers, but the senior students of Nrityabharti Performing Group. Hence it is an activity wherein both the dancers and the choreographers have yet to achieve their first milestones in this field.
        Thus, through these festivals Nrityabharti plays a vital role in bringing the twilight stars into limelight.
    • In 1971, Nrityabharti conducted nearly 6 workshops at Ohio and Cleveland, U.S.A
    • From 1984 to 1990 every year, Nrityabharti conducted workshops at the Dance Department in Heritage Summer Camp organized at Stroughsburg, P.A.-U.S.A.
    • Since 2007 every year, Nrityabharti conducts the workshop on Bharatnatyam at Austria and Germany.
    • In July 2011, Nrityabharti was invited for the Workshop on Bharatnatyam at Shanghai, China.
    • In 2010, he conducted five days classical dance workshop in collaboration with Gujarat State Sangeet Natak Academy, Gujarat Government in order to create harmony between the young dancers wherein 36 students from various institutes of Gujarat participated and were given training in Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi style.
    • Nrityabharti also conducts workshops in Bharatnatyam Dance Style organized by Gujarat State Sangeet Natak Academy and Youth Services and Cultural Activities, Department of Culture, Government of Gujarat, Gandhinagar jointly and for many other organizations and educational institutions in India.
    • Apart from this, every year the institute also arranges lectures and demonstrations, thus opening the new horizons for classical dance among younger generations.